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Bosom Cake FAQs

  • What is a bosom cake?

Bosom Cake is your new alternative to bras! It is an expansion of our nipple pasties collection which is an adhesive silicone bra that provides support and secures your bosom that is comfortable, convenient and reusable!

  • How is it different from nipple pasties?

Nipple pasties are more like nipple pads and cover, but the bosom cake is exactly similar to regular cotton bras but what sets it apart is that it is: 

  • made of silicone

  • adhesive 

  • strapless 

  • gives you a full coverage and support

bosom cake vi.jpg
  • Do you have sizes?

Our goal is to cater to all shapes and sizes and because of that, our bosom cake is available in 3 different shades and 3 different sizes!

bosom cake 011.jpg
bosom cake 0111.jpg
  • Is it reusable and washable?

Totally! Like our nipple pasties, our bosom cake is reusable up to 20 washes, and can be used during working out and swimming! 

bosom cake mia.jpg
  • Can it support bigger boobs?

Definitely! It supports all boob shapes and sizes considering the size-ranges. 

  • Size A for Cup A-B

  • Size B for Cup B-C

  • Size C for Cup C-D

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