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Expose  FAQs

  • What is Expose Crystal Hair Remover?

Your new and innovative self-care for your body hair which can offer a painless & convenient hair removal experience. This can reveal baby smooth skin & help exfoliate the skin without chicken skin.

  • What are the benefits of this product?

Hiraya Pilipina's Expose Crystal Glass hair remover is: 

  • painless

  • convenient

  • easy to use

  • exfoliates skin 

  • reusable and an be used up to five (5) YEARS!


Click this link to see how it works.

  • How does the product work?

Gently rub the product to your skin in circular motion and watch the hair fall off! 

Click this for a video walk through on how to use the product. 

  • Where is it safe to use?

It is safe to use on the legs, arms, back, knuckles, and chest. THE PRODUCT IS NOT RECOMMENDED ON SENSITIVE AREAS SUCH AS UNDERARMS, PRIVATE AREA, etc.

  • Is it painful to use? If not, how so?

The product is painless and safe to use!

The sandpaper-like texture erodes the hair as you rub in circular motion making your skin smooth and removing unwanted body hair.

  • Can it remove hair until its roots?

“According to Dr. Francesca Sy-Alavardo, the Hair Eraser is a form of depilation, which is a hair removal process that removes hair only from the surface level of the skin (Reyes, 2021).”

  • How thick or long should the hair be before I use the product?

There is no length or thickness required. Any hair growth and length are okay.

  • Doesn't your hair grow much greater than your normal hair growth after using the product?

Unlike the effect of shaving and plucking, using expose crystal glass hair remover do not make your hair grow 2x the hair growth before using the product. 

Important Notes:
  • Before using, make sure that your skin is dry without any lotion, cream, or water.

  • Do not use on damaged skin and open wounds.

  • Moisturize after use for best results.

  • NOT recommended on delicate areas such as face, underarms and private part

  • Do not overuse or press too hard on skin. If you have sensitive skin, do a patch test by trying it on a small part of your arms/legs before delicate areas.

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