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Nipple Pasties FAQs

  • What are nipple pasties?

Nipple pasties are an adhesive silicone-made nipple covers that is a great alternative for nipple pads, bra paddings and bras! 

  • Do you have sizes?

Definitely, babe! Our nipple pasties are available in three (3) different sizes. 8cm, 10cm, and 12cm. Please see the photo next to this text for sample reference. 


Hiraya Pilipina nipple pasties in 3 sizes

  • Do you have shade-ranges?

Of course, babe! We selected these nipple pasties for every shape and skin complexion. Our 8cm nipple pasties are available in five (5) shades, and two (2) shades for 10cm and 12cm. Please see the photos below for sample reference. 


8cm in five shades


10cm and 12cm in two shades


12cm in two shades

  • How to determine what size to get?

Depending on your preference, babe! If you want to cover only the areola, we recommend to get the actual size. But if you prefer to a full coverage, we recommend to get one size up. Please see the photo below for the recommended size per cup. 

  • Can it be used for working out?

Of course, babe! Our nipple pasties are sweat-proof and water-proof that can be used while working out or any physical activities--EVEN SWIMMING! It is a perfect alternative for nipple pads and can be used underneath a swimsuit. 

  • Won't your areola or nipples be visible underneath the nipple pasties?

We have two types of nipple pasties, semi-opaque and opaque. 


Model is holding semi-opaque "Abel" in 10cm on her right and "Kutis" in 8cm on her left. 

  • How long can you wear your nipple pasties?

Our nipple pasties can be worn up to 6-hours depending on usage, skin type, skin sensitivity, and boob type. 

For saggy boobs, it is normal that the edges of any size of pasties does not stick well enough underneath a lose top and that's okay <33 

  • Can men and gays wear the nipple pasties?

Definitely, babe! Our nipple pasties are made for girls, gays and everyone in between 🤗 

Every human being has nipples and the purpose of this product is to make you feel confident wearing any clothes you have without conscious of the nips popping out. 

  • How to proper care for the nipple pasties?

STEP 1: Rinse the nipple pasties in warm running water.

pasties (1).png

STEP 2: Use mild soap such as liquid body and hand soap to wash the pasties in circular motion.


STEP 3: Rinse the nipple pasties again to remove the soap from the product.

pasties (2).png

STEP 4: Put it on top of a towel or cloth with adhesive part facing up to air-dry

pasties (3).png

STEP 5: Store it back on its plastic or dome to re-use.

Click this button to be directed to the video on how to wash the pasties.

  • Do you have nipple pasties with lifting effect?

Totally, babe! Our nipple pasties have a transparent lift that provides support and pushes your boobies up giving it a full and lifting effect.

Nipple pasties with lift are 8cm, 10cm and 12cm!

3 (6).png
2 (9).png
  • Are your nipple pasties reusable?

Yes! Our nipple pasties are reusable and washable depending on how it is cared and stored. 

Please see the photo next to this text for additional information about our product.

285995762_1152811185573575_1215515205817331078_n (1).jpg
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