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Sharing SCENTiments at Hiraya Pilipina’s first ever social event party

by Hiraya Pilipina

Hmm, smells like SCENTiments…

Photo by: Emile Repalda of Hiraya Pilipina; In frame: (left to right) Ella Clemente, Antonette Aquino, Cleo Loque, Toni Morales, Ace Gapuz, Kiara Ruiz, Sam Abiera

Manila, PHILIPPINES — Hiraya Pilipina’s community was oozing with SCENTiments at their first ever face-to-face social party event held in 225 Bistro, Quezon City last October 9, 2022 with the aim to strengthen and nourish their relationship with their ambassadors.

Hiraya Pilipina is a youth-led Filipina-run brand that produced empowering statement pieces that motivate and inspire people to become an empowered person who bravely owns their identity.

Photo by: Emile Repalda; In frame: (left to right) Antonette Aquino, Cleo Loque, Toni Morales, Ace Gapuz

Their social party event for content creators and influencers genuinely showed their commitment to inspiring and empowering their community by inviting mentors in the industry such as Ace Gapuz, the CEO of Blogapalooza, Antonette Aquino, a multi-awarded licensed financial advisor, Toni Morales, a TikTok star, and Hiraya Pilipina's very own Cleo Loque, content creator and entrepreneur to speak as panelists sharing their experiences on influencer marketing to an in-demand niche as a creator.

“I work a lot with younger people, and you know what they want? They want a million Ks. They want to be like this and that. And hence, the birth of the term, multi-hyphenate. And everybody wants to be a multi-hyphenate. I wanna be a dancer, a singer, a content creator… And you know what happens to them? They end up spreading themselves too thinly.”

The influencer marketing queen, Ace Gapuz, shares her SCENTiment about young creators she worked with who venture to a variety of talents just so they can garner a lot of views forgetting to focus on one thing—which is to build their personal brand.

“Marunong ka sa maraming bagay, pero saan ka magaling? What are you long for? Gaano katingkad, kalakas, ‘yung branding mo? Saan ka magaling? Ask yourself that.” - Ace Gapuz

'You know a lot about a lot of things, but where are you really excelling? What are you longing for? How high and strong is your branding? In what aspect are you good at?'

Surely, all the content creators and influencers listening to that day learned a lot from her SCENTiment about focusing on one's strength. But what happened if you find your own niche? That is where Antonette Aquino unfolds the things she could have done after knowing how much influence she had.

Photo by: Emile Repalda

So, next time if you go jaywalking. Imagine a little kid watching. So you have to think twice. It is the same when you’re making content. Even if we say you don’t have a big following. You have to imagine that there are one or two people being influenced by the way you posted your opinion. - Antonette Aquino, Financial Adviser

Being influential is not easy in this generation where you can get canceled by being opinionated. That is why for Aquino, you must be cautious of what you post as a content creator. One key takeaway everyone in that event unlocked—don’t post things on a whim.

For start-up influencer and business entrepreneur, Toni Morales, a viral TikTok content creator and Cleo Loque, the founder of Hiraya Pilipina and Hiraya Studios join forces to encourage and motivate the listeners to put their selves out there by starting with baby steps and fast execution.

Photo by: Emile Repalda; In frame: Toni Morales

Morales, known for her “pasmadong bibig” on TikTok shares her SCENTiment on how she started creating content when the pandemic happened.

“2021 talaga ako nag-start mag-TikTok. Tapos during that time, lockdown and nagche-chemo therapy pa ako at that time so wala akong magawa. So, naisip ko, I love doing make-up, so nag-ma-make up ako ganyan, tapos biglang ang daming views! Nagulat ako! Bat may nanonood? Parang nagmamake-up lang naman ako dito!”

'I started using Tiktok in 2021. Then, during that time, it was lockdown and I was undergoing chemo-therapy and I didn't have anything to do. So I thought, I love doing make-up, so I did then surprisingly, there were a lot of views (on the tiktok video posted). I was surprised! (I asked) Why are there people watching? I was just doing my make-up!'

She did not expect that she will be discovered by just doing make-up and when luck was poured out in heaven, she was there to claim it while dancing Paro-Paro G.

“And I hope sa mga nagsta-start up na influencer diyan, alamin niyo ‘yung mga strong points niyo. Kasi I'm sure you have a talent na gusto niyong ipakita sa iba.” - Toni Morales, Tiktok content creator

'For the start-up influencers, I hope you identify and know what and where your strong points are. Because I am sure you have a talent and you want to showcase it to others.'

She reminded those aspiring creators and influencers listening to put their selves out there because there will always be people that will appreciate their content because they inspire them. Similar to Toni’s SCENTiment is how Cleo Loque stated that pitching Hiraya Pilipina to her parents was the right thing she did.

Photo by: Emile Repalda; In frame: (left to right) Cleo Loque, Kiara Ruiz, Glen Salonga (Flare Cosmetics), Frances Dizon (Flare Cosmetics), Mary Icon Paguia (Kloss Beauty PH), Eunice Tabudlo (Nefelibata PH)

“I just put it out there. Nakita kong hindi nag-work. I tweak it a little. Put it out there again. Hindi nag-work ulit. Tweak a little. Hindi na kasi effective yung sobrang plano. Tapos kapag inilabas mo, parang wala rin. Nahuli kana. May nauna na sa’yo. Yung idea na gusto mong i-execute nagawa na. Kasi puro ka plano e. Don’t get me wrong, planning is a good thing, but I think fast execution will give good result. And that is the most important thing.” - Cleo Loque, founder & owner of Hiraya Pilipina

'I just put it out there. I see something not working, I tweak it a little. Put it out there again. It does not work again, tweak a little. It's no longer effective that you plan too much then when you put it out there, it's like nothing. You already missed out, someone is already ahead of you. Your idea that you want to execute has been done already (by someone else) because you spent most of your time planning. Don't get me wrong, planning is a good thing but I think fast execution will give you good result. And that is the most important thing.

Photo by Emile Replada; In frame (left to right) Shea Domingo, Stephanie Concepcion, Ariza Hernandez, Irish Cristobal

Who could have thought that knowledge could be so fun and exciting? This social party of Hiraya Pilipina is the epitome of those two things where not only attendees gained so much, but also gained new friends.

Photo by Emile Replada; In frame (left to right) Alysson Carmona, Clarisse Furio

From inspiring social circles to entertaining games and incredible prizes from their sponsored brands—Kloss Beauty, Nefelibata Lokal, and Flare Cosmetics. Surely, Hiraya Pilipina’s first attempt to a face-to-face event was a success.

Photo by Emile Replada

Out of all the interesting SCENTiment the panelist poured out to the event, Hiraya Pilipina finally introduced their own share of SCENTiment—the inspired perfume collection. It consists of six scent of perfumes which are: Alapaap, Indak, Tamis, Likas, Hangad, and Mayumi.

Wanna know more about the six-inspired perfume collection?

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