Ysabel Eustaquio's Story

For the past few days, I've been burning out, super slacking off and uninspired. I have so many ideas in my mind that I want to properly execute but I can't because I'm just so mentally and physically tired until I forced myself to take a shower and wear the shirt I bought from Hiraya Pilipina.

"I Have A Vision." I read that over and over and over again until i finally hyped myself to do something productive. It reminded me of my vision which has turned me into an empowered woman. I hope you know that your hardwork is recognized and felt!

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Angela Cordero's Story

“I'm a person who didn't have enough confidence before because I always compare myself to other women. Until I realized my perfect imperfections can build the best version of me. That's why I started to join Brand Ambassador searches to do the things that I really love and help myself grow as an individual.

I am so thankful that I found Hiraya Pilipina talaga! If pwede lang suotin araw-araw yung shirt na binili ko, araw araw ko ifflex sa buong mundo yun because now that I got my "Let me flaunt my flaws so nobody can use them against them" shirt, it reminds me that I love myself. I love taking care of myself. I don't need anyone or anything to make me feel worthy other than myself.“

Someone approached me where I got my shirt. Definitely an eye-catcher!

It feels good to wear what your mind and heart speaks.

Zhaira Pionilla

Ina Floranza

Super love your advocacy! Keep empowering women to stand up for themselves.

I will only ever wear statement shirts that resonate with the innermost me. Hiraya Pilipina is among the few brands I've found with messages that need to be heard.

Faye Razon

Erianne Salazar

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