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Danica Datuin's Story

Ever since I discovered Hiraya Pilipina, I have been extra intentional in how I wanna express myself as a woman. I love how the statements from the brand’s products and this community have empowered me to be the woman that I am, however I wanna be.

The “Not Maria Clara” tee is probably my forever favorite piece as the statement resonates to myself perfectly.

It reminds me that it’s okay to not conform to the ideal woman of our society. I do not need to conform to any rules of clothing, nor act the way Maria Clara does - demure and gentle. I do not need to wait for any man to make the first move, I could also make the first move if I ever want to. And I could proudly speak for myself and not wait for anybody to speak for me.

I can be a woman of my own and be “Not Maria Clara”.


Veira Romero's Story

Positivity, Confidence, Inspiration

Wearing my first ever bought shirt from Hiraya Pilipina feels powerful. It says ‘Abante Babae’, a simple yet powerful statement. Reading it feels like I don’t need to speak a word, it’s like an art that speaks for itself. This apply to all Hiraya’s statement tees, no need for a long explanation because the moment you read it, you’ll get it. The Abante Babae shirt is the first one who made me feel empowered. It screams empowerment to all the women out there. “Babae ka, hindi babae lang” – If I could just say this to every woman in this world, I would.

Can you see how powerful their statements are? It doesn’t make me feel empowered alone, there’s more to it. Statements from Hiraya Pilipina bring POSITIVITY that whenever I hear it, I am reminded that I am more than what I am. It boost my self-CONFIDENCE, a thing that I find tough to build up. Hiraya’s statements inspire me to love and feel great about myself – appreciate who am I and what I can do. In that way, I can INSPIRE other women too.

“Empowered women, empower women” – whenever I wear statement tees from Hiraya, I feel empowered and hoping that I can also empower other women. I hope I can bring smiles to their faces while reading the shirt I’m wearing. The world needs more women who are not afraid to express themselves and speak the truth. And in this world full of patriarchy, may we continue to empower one another and don’t be afraid to speak our minds and express ourselves even if we just let the shirt do the talking. GIRL POWER!

Someone approached me where I got my shirt. Definitely an eye-catcher!

Zhaira Pionilla

It feels good to wear what your mind and heart speaks.

Ina Floranza

Quotation Mark

Super love your advocacy! Keep empowering women to stand up for themselves.

Quotation Mark

I will only ever wear statement shirts that resonate with the innermost me. Hiraya Pilipina is among the few brands I've found with messages that need to be heard.

Faye Razon

Erianne Salazar

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